New Outdoor Indoor Spa Programme In The Italian Dolomites

Luxury eco-spa resort, Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti in Italy, has launched a new ‘Active & Balance Programme’ that combines restorative outdoor mountain activities with spa treatments based on the five movements of Classical Chinese Medicine. Created by the Lefay Scientific Committee, the programme uses the natural landscape around the resort as an outdoor spa to enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

The resort is located in the Adamello Brenta National Park, a protected area of valleys, lakes, forests and glaciers.  Guests sample different activities each morning in the clear mountain air with trained mountain guides, followed by spa treatments and energy rebalancing activities each afternoon.  They will visit the five different ‘pathways’ in the resort’s 5,000 sqm Lefay Spa World, each devised to target the five elements of Classical Chinese Medicine and the season and energies they represent.  The programme is designed to detoxify and rebalance the energy flow and re-establish vital functions within the body.

Utilising the innovative Lefay Wellness Method, that incorporates the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine with Western scientific research, the new five-night programme starts with a medical examination with a spa doctor to assess energy imbalances, which could lead to a physical disorder, followed by an acupuncture session, a fitness consultation and prescription of a personalised medicinal tea.

Green Dragon Day

Representing spring and aimed at restoring feelings of restlessness, the Green Dragon Day starts with guided forest bathing. The simple method of breathing deeply amongst the trees is designed to bring a sense of calm. The Green Dragon pathway in the spa includes a mid-temperature bio-sauna fragranced with rosemary and orange and sensory waterfall. Guests will experience a Green Dragon Energy massage that follows the energy lines related to the liver and gallbladder in particular, while relaxing the muscles and stretching the Meridians.

Red Pheonix Day

Red Phoenix embodies summer and high energy, with therapies to aid anxiety and sleep disorders. The day starts with a guided brisk cardio walk followed by a Red Phoenix Energy Massage which works on the energy lines corresponding to  the heart. During the massage olive oil flavoured with essential oils of lavender or rose and neroli or verbena are used to bring a sense of renewed energy. The Red Pheonix pathway in the spa is a dry zone with hot Finnish Saunas and cold baths and scents of lavender and passion flower herbs. Here, guests will sample sauna stretching that uses gentle movement with heat, essential oils and breathing exercises to relieve tension, sooth muscles and eliminate toxins.

White Tiger Day 

White Tiger represents autumn and a time for reflection. The outdoor activity is one of guided meditation and breathing in the valley followed by a White Tiger Energy Massage which works to balance the different energy points with the aim of relaxing and increasing vitality in the body. During the massage essential oils of eucalyptus and thyme are used. The day includes a yoga session and time in the White Tiger zone in the spa, which is a humid area with a high percentage of steam and scents of mallow and blackcurrant.  

Black Tortoise Day

Black Tortoise represents winter, a time of hibernation to refocus and rebuild energy. Following a walk along the river valley, guests will have a Black Tortoise massage to nourish the body and rebalance energy lines. A sense of calm is created in the Black Tortoise pathway in the spa with sessions in the salt water flotation lake and salt grotto and a mud body scrub.  

The Centre 

The Centre is the heart of the spa and the place where all the pathways connect. Here a large whirlpool is situated with views of the mountains and there are scents of lemon. Guests will have an Energy Facial Massage using essential oils to illuminate the skin and relax the muscles of the face. After this they can choose to revisit the path that resonates with them most.

The Active and Balance Programme ends with a final examination and targeted recommendations for maintaining wellbeing at home.  

Prices for the Active and Balance Programme start from 3,250 Euros per person, based on two sharing a Prestige Junior Suite for five nights, full board (excluding alcohol) in Dolomia Restaurant and including all spa treatments within the programme. To book visit

Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti is situated in the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Italian Dolomites. The 1500 sqm Lefay SPA is one of the largest in the entire Alpine region and includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms of varying temperatures and aromas, state-of-the-art gym and several relaxation areas.