Known for its innovative and holistic wellness programmes, award-winning eco spa resort, Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda, has launched new medical consultations focusing on the importance of positive mental health.

“Mental health influences how we feel, think and behave. How we cope with stress and anxiety, does not only affect the body but how we live and relate to others. Creating harmony and balance between mind and body is central to our overall state of health and it is something we were keen to put even greater importance on here at Lefay,” says Dr. Carlo Barbieri, Lefay Resort & SPA Doctor and head of the Lefay SPA Scientific Committee.

Lefay SPA has launched two new medical consultations dedicated to creating a positive state of mind. A General Psychosomatic Consultation focuses on helping to relieve physical illness caused or aggravated by the mind and a Psychotherapeutic Medical Consultation which helps guests overcome problems to improve general wellbeing.

The consultations are carried out by qualified doctors as part of an integrated approach to health and wellbeing and can be booked prior to arrival. Alternatively, Lefay SPA health programmes that pursue different objectives, such as relieving stress or curing insomnia, are tailored according to individual guests needs to achieve a complete sense of wellbeing. Each health programme starts with an Initial Energy Interview and it is during these that a medical consultation might be ‘prescribed’ to complement a programme.

General Psychosomatic Consultation: During illness or when in pain, it is possible to lose clarity and control over emotions, increasing fear and doubts. During this consultation guests explore illness or physical pain they are experiencing, helping to identify the source and find a solution to over come it. Euros195/£170 (60 min)

Psychotherapeutic Medical Consultation: Guests are encouraged to share emotional experiences, significant biographical episodes, dreams and personality traits which may be causing certain physical and psychological conditions. Using a technique that combines Chinese Medicine with deep psychology, the psychotherapist is able help the guest cope with stress, overcome challenges, build relationships and recover from any setbacks. The session can also help the psychotherapist understand an individual’s condition and therefore determine the most appropriate therapeutic approach. Euros100/£87(50 min)

A stay at Lefay Resort & Spa costs from Euros290/£254 per room per night including breakfast. A five night health programme costs from Euro2,500/£2,187 per person including accommodation, meals and treatments.


9 April 2018

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Leading the way in sustainable tourism in the luxury arena in Italy, the family-owned resort has developed its own Spa Method to offer innovative wellness programmes combining traditional Chinese medicine with modern Western techniques.
Lefay Resort & SPA Lado di Garda is set in 27 acres of woodland and olive trees in the Alto Garda National Park overlooking Lake Garda. The Resort has 21 treatment rooms, five different types of sauna, a salt water lake for flotation therapies and indoor and outdoor swimming pools with spectacular views.
In 2016 Lefay Resort & Spa launched its own Cosmetic Line, building on the innovative holistic approach to beauty for which the resort has become synonymous with. The new collection features 50 products across five different lines, making it one of the broadest product ranges produced by a spa.