Avani+ VLCC Medi-Wellness Centre Introduces Immunity Support Programme

Avani+ Hua Hin Resort in Thailand has introduced a new state of the art wellness centre, VLCC, along with a customised programme to enhance guests immunity while they holiday in the Kingdom.  VLCC is India’s leading beauty and wellness operator with a strong presence across Asia. 

The new Immunity Support programme is one of four customised programmes, which also include integrated wellness, beauty & weight management and detoxification.  The flexi-concept allows guests to dip in and out of their wellness programme over 2 to 14 nights and each programme combines modern medical testing and diagnostics with complementary Ayurveda therapies, tailored diets and fitness for a holistic approach.  On the immunity support programme, guests will experience improved blood circulation and oxygen flow, deep cleansing and detoxification, improved energy levels by regulating the pH balance and improved gut health – the seat of the human immune system responses. Mental and physical relaxation routines during the course will also help the body to rejuvenate and strengthen.  Once checked in to the modern beachfront resort, guests will have consultaions with VLCC’s trained doctors and nutritionists and over the course of the programme will experience a schedule of tests, meditation, yoga, activities such as Zumba and natural therapy sessions, along with wellness and detox cuisine and juices and treatments such as V shaping facials and massages. 

The newly launched, VLCC is a comprehensive beauty and wellness concept offering eleven treatment rooms including a dedicated Hammam treatment room, IV Therapy Suite  and hydra-facial room. State-of-the-art medical and aesthetic equipment includes an electrocardiogram (ECG), body composition diagnostics device, pulsed laser for skin brightening and de-pigmentation treatment, V-Shaping for face & body contouring, as well as the latest technology and appliances for a multitude of skin and hair concerns such as Autologus Platelet Rich Plasma procedures.

Furthermore, VLCC offers multiple layered programmes that resolve long term chronic pain sufferers with a dynamic approach to pain management for overall wellness and long term musculoskeletal conditions that can be improved through anti-inflammatory treatments, the elimination of heavy metal residues as well as rehabilitation and physiotherapy sessions led by a team of highly trained experts.

The medical team includes a specialist aesthetic and regenerative doctor, expert physiotherapist, qualified nutritionist, trained medical nurse and Ayurvedic practitioner from India.

Guests will also benefit from group sessions and workshops that teach long term tactics and useful techniques, practices, and coping methods to help them overcome obstacles in their everyday life.

Nutrition and diet are equally critical components of each VLCC wellness and beauty retreat, overseen by VLCC’s Michelin Star Chef Suvir Saran. Chef Gibb, Avani+ Hua Hin Resort’s executive chef is also working closely with the VLCC nutritionist to offer guests tailored menus according to their individual needs. The menus are seasonal to reflect local produce focusing on low sodium, low GI, oil free and probiotic nutritious ingredients.

All-inclusive prices for a two day immunity support programme including accommodation starts from THB: 43,000++ (£1,015) single occupancy or THB: 80,000++ (£1,888) double occupancy.

vlcc.vhhv@avanihotels.com or avaniplus.huahin@avanihotels.com 

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