New Natural Wellness Trails at Lefay Lake Garda

Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda in Italy has introduced five new Natural Wellness Trails within the 11 hectares of park that surround the resort, with spectacular views overlooking Lake Garda.

“Even before Covid-19, more and more academic studies were highlighting the benefits of prescribing a connection with nature and the great outdoors. Physical issues such as joint pain and obesity as well as mental states of anxiety and depression are all proven to benefit from connecting to nature and outdoor activities,” said Dr Carlo Barbieri, President of the Lefay SPA Method Scientific Committee

Each trail guides guests through The Energy and Therapeutic Garden to individual stations where the symbolism of shapes, colours and aromas are combined with recommended balancing exercises, meditation and massages based on the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine.

The new Natural Wellness trails are:

The Green Dragon – representing the renewal of nature and spring, The Green Dragon station, lies to the east in the middle of the forest and is characterised by the element of wood. Recommended at sunrise, the activities are stretching of the meridians – where postures and exercises relax muscles and open up joints eliminating physical and mental blockages and perception walking – a silent walk with closed eyes to stimulate the senses in a new and conscious way. The trail is complemented by a relaxing all over body massage focusing on the meridians of the liver.

The Red Phoenix – representing summer and characterised by the colour red, The Red Phoenix station is positioned in the south. The Red Phoenix trail is recommended at midday and includes Tai Qi – slow refined martial arts movements to relax the body and mind and focus on inner strength and mindfulness meditation – to focus on the here and now, eliminate negative thoughts and make room for positive reflections. The relaxing massage works on the energy lines of Summer and focuses on the meridians of the heart to leave you feeling more balanced and stress-free.

The White Tiger – representing meditation and autumn and characterised by the colour white is positioned to the west. The White Tiger trail is recommended at sunset and includes yoga – for overall balance and greater awareness of our whole body and stress-relieving breathing – to help improve circulation, reduce anxiety, strengthen the immune system and improve digestion. The all over body massage is aimed at curbing feelings of melancholy.

The Black Tortoise – found in the valley facing north, is associated with winter and the end of the day. It is characterised by rocky features and a stream. Activities on The Black Tortoise trail are Qi Gong – the Chinese practice using mind, body and breath and conscious full-body walking – to help reprogramme the entire body through the experience of walking, triggering a better perception of walking within nature. The deeply nourishing anti-ageing body massage focuses on toning and vitality.

The Centre – located in the centre of the energy garden on a hill, offers a connection with all the stations and incredible views. Recommended activities are Qi Gong Six Healing Sounds – an ancient form of Qi Gong composed of slow, harmonious exercises performed with vocalisations of six specific sounds during exhalation and Zazen Meditation – a form of meditation to help us overcome attachments and sit without wanting and without thinking. The face and body massage focuses on the inner core.

Each trail includes a private guided walk through the Energy and Therapeutic Garden, one balancing activity, one meditation exercise and one massage and costs 320 Euros.

Group sessions at each station without the massage are offered free of charge.

Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda re-opened in early July with the introduction of Lefay Care protocol incorporating responsible health and sanitation measures throughout the resort.  The complete “Lefay Care” protocol can be downloaded at this link.

A stay at Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda costs from 260 Euros per night including breakfast.


For more information contact Tiggy Dean or Emma Hill at Hill and Dean PR on 0208 875 9923.  

Lefay Resorts was, in 2006, the vision of Domenico Alcide and Liliana Leali, founders of Air Dolomiti regional airline, which was sold to Lufthansa in March 2003. The new group was founded with the aim of becoming the Italian reference brand for luxury wellness holidays in the international market through the creation of a collection of Italian style eco-resorts.  The multi-award winning Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda has been leading the way in sustainable tourism in the luxury arena in Italy.

With the launch of Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti in August last year, the brand confirmed its expansion strategy, which envisages, on the one hand, the completion of the hospitality properties portfolio in Italy (the third is already planned for Tuscany) and, on the other, the expansion into Central Europe in cooperation with selected partners who share the same values, through management or lease contracts.