Guests at award-winning eco-spa Lefay Resort & SPA overlooking Lake Garda, can draw inspiration from some of Europe’s top wellness experts during the resort’s innovative new ‘Holistic Round Table’ dining experience.

Lefay’s tailor-made spa programmes are designed to introduce the benefits of Chinese medicine. Every Guest’s stay begins and ends with a one-on-one medical consultation with an experienced resident doctor, who creates a personalised treatment plan to help achieve their individual wellness goals. Building on this philosophy, the Holistic Round Table is an additional opportunity to interact with leading health gurus in a more informal setting.

The Holistic Round Table is held twice a week at La Grande Limonaia restaurant. While savouring a gourmet menu of detoxifying Mediterranean cuisine prepared using fresh seasonal ingredients, guests can share ideas with their hosts and gain a deeper understanding of Chinese medicine – inspiring them to maintain a healthier lifestyle long after their holiday ends.

Psychotherapist Dr Jader Tolja and Classical Chinese medicine expert Dr Barbara Gavazzi lead the Holistic Round Table every Monday, while acclaimed acupuncturist Dr Carlo Barbieri hosts every Thursday. Hailing from Italy, Dr Barbieri is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and has consulted at prestigious institutions including London’s Centre of Integrated Medicine and the Medical Association of Chinese Medicine in Europe. He has overseen Lefay’s celebrated wellness programmes since joining the resort in 2011.

The Lefay SPA is an exclusive temple to wellness, where Guests can reharmonise the mind and body as the strains of everyday life melt away. Along with an extensive menu of holistic treatments, the spa features several pools including an infinity pool, six different types of sauna and five relaxation areas for a truly immersive healing experience. Treatments are carefully tailored to help each guest achieve their individual goals, from losing weight and combating the signs of ageing to easing stress and curing insomnia.